The Bunker Experience is a live interactive escape game, set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. Timing and teamwork is everything. It is essential to complete the thrills and suspense-filled mission in order to Survive.

The Bunker Experience offers two separate games, Chapter 1 (The Bunker) and Chapter 2 (The Hive). Each game is an original 50 minute experience of entertaining and unique puzzle solving activities where participants will be transferred into a science fictional alternate reality that evokes an interactive experience in a group environment. The challenges the group faces are thrilling puzzles and hidden clues.

Each chapter connects together, and starts off where the previous one ended, so your journey continues where you left off. If you are up to the challenge, do Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 back-to-back.

The Bunker Experience is fun for the family, friends, and a useful experience for companies as a team building opportunity.

If you are younger than 18, parental waiver signage is required. Groups consist of a minimum 2 people. There is no minimum to the number tickets you have to purchase, yet be prepared to share your time slot with others.

2078, global warming has taken its toll on Earth and most of civilization has been wiped out. The remaining 10% of the population is forced to live in underground compounds to protect themselves from the elements. These self sufficient compounds communicate with each other through a Mainframe. The largest and most secure compound is the UHC (United Human Compound). It is the most sophisticated and well equipped place to find protection against the elements and the Vandal attacks.

The Vandals are a group of savages - led by Lightcrawler- who roam the world “Topside” looking for every opportunity to loot and kill anyone that they come across. Lighcrawler’s mission is to locate the UHC and orchestrate a massacre.

For security reasons, no one knows exactly where the UHC is located except for a handful of compound leaders. One of the compounds with this information is The Bunker, which recently suffered a massive attack. Any live survivors are unknown.

Your compound was Lightcrawler’s next target, however, you have managed to escape. The Vandals are now after you and are tracking you and your fellow survivors.

You must protect the UHC from being discovered. You are our only hope. Complete your mission and RUN!

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